Rock Hill
Lodge of Perfection

Chartered October 4, 2005

The First Temple and Ineffable Degrees

Fourth through Fourteenth Degrees

2020 Officers

Venerable Master              Marty Monahan 32° KCCH

Senior Warden                   Charlie E. Smith 32

Junior Warden                    Nelson Horton 32°

Orator                                  Steve Hames 32° KCCH

Almoner                               Jim Conner 33°

Prelate                                  TJ Martin 32° KCCH

Master of Ceremonies        Michael Rowe, Sr. 32°


Expert                                   Roger Gregory 32°

Assistant Expert                   Larry Gaskins, 32°

Captain of the Host             Toom Honig, 32°

Tyler                                      Beny Melton 32°

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