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We know of no greater work than to give a child the gift of communication. 

Since the 1950's, Scottish Rite Masons have been committed to operating centers that provide professional speech and language therapy to children diagnosed with communication disorders.  These centers are staffed by licensed and certified speech and language pathologists.  In more than 170 Rite Care Programs across the country, professional therapy is made available to children without regard to race, creed, or religion.  In South Carolina, this therapy is available to children and their families free of charge.

Currently, there are three Language Centers in South Carolina under the direction of The Scottish Rite Foundation of South Carolina, Inc (a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization).  The E. C. ("Cliff") Singleton Rite Care Center was opened in September 1987, the John I. Smith Scottish Rite Center for Childhood Language Disorders was opened in 2001, and the Charleston Rite Care Center, which opened in  2004.

The task of becoming a successful language learner is so complex that the fact that most children do so with little difficulty in truly amazing.  The good news is that most children do learn language normally.  Unfortunately, between ten and fifteen percent  of children will experience some form of hearing, speech, language or learning difficulty.  When a speech, language, or learning disorder is present in young children, many children are then at risk for a number of other concomitant developmental problems.  Language development is tied together with cognitive, social, and emotional development.  Children with speech-language disorders are also at risk for problems in developing friendships.  Reading and writing may eventually be affected.

Without treatment, children with communication disorders will get further and further behind.  The small gap that separates them from their peers will widen and may eventually separate them from society.

South Carolina Scottish Rite Masons continue to give generously of their time and resources to sustain the South Carolina Centers for Childhood Language Disorders.  We must now look beyond the membership for additional financial support.

The Scottish Rite Centers for Childhood Language Disorders in South Carolina can only be operated with the help of businesses and individuals.  While we recognize the keen competition of charitable contributions, we believe our efforts to be of great value to the lives of many children, our community, and society.  This is an opportunity for you or your company to help ensure a productive future for many South Carolina children.  Every gift of any amount is important and appreciated.





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