South Carolina
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Columbia       (803) 776-5474
Greenville      (864) 232-1673

Your child should be referred for speech/language therapy services if he or she exhibits any of the following:

  • Not making eye contact and turn-taking with actions or vocalizations by six months of age, or not recognizing objects or pictures by 18 months

  • Non-verbal or speaking only in single words at 2.5 years of age

  • Unable to produce complete, complex sentences by age four

  • Multiple errors in speech and is not understood by age three

  • Inconsistent errors, unintelligible speech, extremely limited numbers of sounds

  • Trouble recalling and using new information because of problems and language, attention and memory

  • No friends because he or she is unable  to interact with others at an age-appropriate level, such as following rules or conversation

  • Voice does not sound right.  For example, hoarse, raspy, breathy

  • Stuttering


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