The South Carolina Masonic License Plate

South Carolina Masonic License plates can be ordered at you local Department of Motor Vehicles.  The amount over what the DMV keeps for their fees is sent to the Scottish Rite Foundation for Childhood Language Disorders and the Grand Lodge Charity and Disaster Relief Fund.  Show your Masonic pride, get yours today.  The cost is $30 per vehicle.  Remember to take your dues card when you ask for your license plate. Brethren, it has been determined that other non-recognized Masonic organizations have recently obtained approval for a South Carolina License Plate with the Square, Compasses, and letter G on them. The other Masonic Plate currently at the DMV now has AF&AM on the plate. I have also been informed that the Prince Hall Grand Lodge is also applying for a license plate and I do not know what Designation that they will be using. This means that there will be at lest three different Square, Compasses, and letter G license plates in South Carolina. Please inform the Brethren in your area as soon as possible that when they are purchasing a Masonic Plate at the DMV, they must specify the AFM license plate which designates them as Ancient Free Masons. If a Brother purchases the wrong plate, the proceeds will go to the other organization and the Brother will have a license plate reflecting an un recognized "Clandestine" Grand Lodge. Although the DMV is supposed to be checking for Dues Cards, they will be unable able to keep the different designations straight. It will be up to the Brother purchasing the License Plate.

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